What Makes a Smart Site Better

And other Frequently Asked Questions

The Smart Sites was built on the idea that every small business owner and entrepreneur should be able to have a high end website that is affordable.  We make it easy for everyone to go after their vision, business idea with a beautiful website that fits in any budget.

We take the best of both do-it-yourself websites and expensive website agencies and combine to bring you an affordable website that looks like you spent $5000+ while only spending a fraction of that cost. We get your website done in a timely manner with marketing concepts built in to help you focus on your business and growing your clients. Your website is a marketing tool to bring you more views, more clicks and more clients. We help you get the most from your website.

Our websites are built on our companies core values that creates something beautiful, affordable, and puts the control in your hands after it is built. We give you full access to your site where you can make changes, add content, create blogs and even do your own updates or move the site to another server. It is your website and you have complete control over it. Of course we never leave you hanging. We are real people, using smart software, and here to help you if you get stuck. When you need help, we are happy to update, create content and integrate additional features anytime. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between The Smart Sites (websites developed using WordPress) and a site builder like Wix?
  • Both offer Drag & Drop page builders
  • Both offer affordability
  • Both offer clean, beautiful mobile friendly websites
  • WordPress offers movability whereas once you set up your website on Wix, you are stuck with them.
  • WordPress has the largest community of application builders, theme builders, and add-ons. Wix is just the company employees.
  • WordPress offers unlimited potential and growth. Almost anything you want to do, you can find a plugin and/or developer to make it happen. Wix has general features and limited room for growth of your ideas.
  • WordPress is the #1 website builder used & trusted by more businesses. It is a free platform that is growing and becoming better everyday. You are in complete control of your wordpress site, free to move it, free to add additional plugins, change your theme, and so much more. Wix is run by a corporation who is in control of your site. You cannot move it or relocate it to another server or host. So if you build a 1000 page blog over time, and decide you want more features that wix doesn’t offer, you will be stuck.

Bottom line. If you want to build a website that can grow, where you can feel secure that the website is yours (movability), and where you can find unlimited help, developers when you need them, and features that put no limits on your imagination and what you want to do, then WordPress with The Smart Sites is the way to go.

What is the difference between The Smart Sites and a Custom Website Development Agency?
  • Both offer beautiful and professional websites
  • Both offer clean and mobile friendly websites
  • Both offer server setup and management
  • Both offer SSL certificates (https)
  • Both offer full setup and management of your website
  • Some Custom Agencies use WordPress, most use proprietary software that keep you stuck with them.
  • The Smart Sites builds on WordPress giving you complete freedom and control after your initial setup and design. No proprietary software holding you back.
  • Most Agencies will not let you add updates to your site yourself. If you hire someone in house or want to make changes you are stuck paying the Agency for doing it, doubling the work and the cost.
  • The Smart Sites encourages you to add simple updates, add blogs, and work with the right marketing agency who can also have access to your site without proprietary Agency obstacles. We offer training to help you manage content on your website and we will work with employees, outside developers and outside agencies to help you get the most from your website.
  • Most Agencies do not let other agencies or developers help with your website. So if you hire an outside marketing agency to run some ads, you have to pay your website agency to add the marketing to your website, doubling the work.
  • With The Smart Sites, your marketing agency can login and integrate their marketing efforts directly with your website. No obstacles and no double work.
  • Custom Web Agencies are expensive. Most won’t even start a website under $5,000.
  • The Smart Sites has extremely affordable options that even low budgets can afford. And your visitors will think you hired an expensive agency.

Bottom line. If you are using another agency to build your website, be sure they are not using proprietary software that keeps your website stuck with them forever. And make sure you can easily add a self-managing blog, even if you don’t think you will need it right now. If you can’t make changes or add articles to your own website, then you are stuck with their expensive prices and that is where they want you to be. Many businesses think they want to give up all control and put their website in the hands of an agency so they don’t have to deal with it. But then when they want to add marketing with another agency, or add an employee to manage blog posts, and they realize they have no control over these things, the website turns into a frustration rather than a marketing tool. Don’t get stuck. Get unstuck with a Smart Site. 

Why WordPress?

Why not WordPress? WordPress is the #1 content management platform for websites. With a huge community behind it, WordPress gives you flexibility to do almost anything you want with your website. If you can dream it, there is probably a WordPress plugin for it. And we love WordPress because it offers you, our clients, the flexibility to manage your own site, making it a much more affordable option.

What is the pagebuilder you use?

We install Divi for every website we build. Divi offers built in layouts and modules plus a full drag and drop builder to make building out your pages a visual experience. Want to change some wording, menu or pricing? Quickly change content on your website with the Visual Page Builder. It seriously take just a few minutes! Easy and doesn’t cost you a fortune to pay a web developer to do it for you. 


What if I need more pages or plugins?

That is another great thing about WordPress. It is virtually unlimited allowing you to add as many pages and blog posts as you want. and plugins are readily available for just about any application you can imagine. If you’d like us to add pages or posts to your site and want them to have the same look and feel as another page or posts, we pre-load your website with Duplicator, so you can easily duplicate a page and then rename it and modify it with new content. If you need help, we offer add-ons and additional services very affordably. Contact us for more details. 

How long will it take to build my site?

It typically takes 1 week from start to finish, but may take longer for more features, additional pages, or if we can’t get in touch with you for our consultation calls or chats. In a hurry, let us know so we can prioritize your launch. 

What if I want to move my site?

One of the benefits of setting up a WordPress site is that it can be moved very easily. One of the plugins we install on every WordPress site we build is a backup that lets you easily backup your website within the dashboard. Once you have the backup, it can be moved to another domain or to another server.

What if I want to cancel my service?

Because our setup fee is so low for the sites we are designing and installing for you, we require a minimum 12 month commitment. After that, you are free to cancel your service or move your website to another server. If you paid with an annual payment, you can move your site at anytime. 

What is the difference between a page and a post?

Please see our Learning Tutorials for this and other questions related to using WordPress and Divi Builder.

What exactly do I get when I sign up?
  • Contact with our Web Specialist to learn about you, your business and your preferences
  • Website set up on our servers
  • Business & Advanced set up with secure https
  • Email setup
  • WordPress, Divi Drag & Drop Builder + Unlimited FREE stock images + our plugin pack installed
  • Customized initial website pages designed and set up for you
  • Training access for videos and tutorials on how to use WordPress if you want to do-it-yourself after setup
  • Monthly Hosting of your website on our world-class servers
  • Monthly tips and tricks for managing and marketing your website and your business
  • Help when you need it from our expert team of designers